Be part of the change! Meet up in Copenhagen to explore the topics of the futures, listen to inspiring changemakers, experience new materiales and methods, talk, sense and collaborate so we can create a more sustainable built environment together.

Expect: Keynote dialogues, new findings presented on the science track, next gen activities, a packed programme in Bella Center with amongst others, the OBEL AWARD talks, VELUX Daylight Talks & REALDANIA talks.  See exhibitions, join fun social events, explore tours, pavilions & exciting side events all around Copenhagen! We can’t wait to see you!

2-6 JULY 2023




The UIA World Congress of Architects is serious on involving students and young professionals all of which have a bearing on the built environment. The programme already includes sessions curated…


There are many existing solutions that focus on architecture and sustainability and illustrate how architecture can contribute to the realisation of the Global Goals.


Make sure to book tours at the end of each congress day and reserve your seat for unique experiences at historic Copenhagen City Hall or converted industrial area Øksnehallen.


The World Congress takes place in Copenhagen, Denmark,  appointed UNESCO UIA World Capital of Architecture 2023. The whole city will be a vibrant stage of events and invitations to celebrate sustainable urban development – culminating in the World Congress at Bella Center in July. It is a city that mixes green mindset with ingenuity and fun. The city is built for bike rides, the harbour has been repurposed for swimming, parks, gardens and small green oases are sprinkled all over town. Copenhagen offers excellent opportunities to explore the city, whether by foot, bike or wheelchair.

Photo by Eryk Piotr


Bella Center Copenhagen is well situated in one of Copenhagen’s newer districts Ørestad – close to both airport and city centre by bike or metro. You will see it as never before – a vibrant stage of unique meeting places, a celebration of universal design, explorative constructions and wayfinding to guide you.

Accessibility is our priority. Meeting rooms and larger halls have lifts available. Auditoriums can be accessed via stages. Service animals are welcome. Entrances to the venue are accessible.


The Danish Association of Architects has published a brand new guidebook entitled “A Guide to Danish Architecture – Towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals” . 60 Danish Architectural projects, contributing to one or more of the goals. As it says in the book’s preface ‘Architects have the power to change habits and behaviors when it comes to our built infrastructure and approach to the nature that surrounds us.’ These examples are hopefully a inspiration to create a better world, for all of us.

The OBEL AWARD brings you a statement piece during the World Congress: ​

The OBEL AWARD: UnPAVILION will be floating around the Copenhagen harbour, prompting curiosity, debate, and reflection on our contemporary and future uses of resources. It also points to the counterproductive nature of greenwashing.​

Make sure to go explore all the SDG pavilions at the start of July! ​

The project is presented by the Danish Association of Architects and the UIA World Congress of Architects Copenhagen in collaboration with the City of Copenhagen and CPH City and Port Development. The pavilions are created in relation to the World Congress, and present activities to congress guests and visitors throughout the summer to celebrate Copenhagen as the World Capital of Architecture in 2023.​

See all pavilions via link in bio 🔝

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We simply couldn´t agree more! ​

‘When we talk about rebuilding, it´s also about rebuilding our attitude and acting like a community, a collective force to do the right thing.’ -Rizvi Hassan, Architect, Bangladesh​

Meet three of the architects behind the 96m2 big Rebuilding pavilion, produced by Royal Danish Academy. The pavilion will be exhibited at the World Congress in Bella Center this summer​

Apart from the pavilion, the team will also host three sessions at the World Congress, along with workshops and discussions at the pavilion. ​

( The legendary Yasmeen Lari is participating in one of the sessions! You don´t want to miss this.. ) ​

The MAY edition programme is live now, so you can plan your congress days, tours and side events already! Link in bio 🔝
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Kindly sposored by Realdania​
Procued by @kglakademi
Curated by @ingeborghau Hau​
Architect-partner: Vandkunsten​

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Have you met Natalie Mossin, the President of the UIA World Congress Copenhagen and Danish architect? She is looking forward to welcome you to the congress in July. Hear what she has to say on how Architecture can either re-inforce differences or help break them down – and why she thinks it is important to 'Leave No One Behind'. ​

Do you think architecture is an essential tool to change? ​

Then join the congress in July to widen your perspectives and be part of the change!​
Find more information via link in bio! ​
Video is shot at The Royal Danish Academy by @itchycph ​

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Tickets at reduced price until may 31st. ​

You can now find 15 pavilions, a wide range of tours and 70+ side-events on our website. It´s time to plan your stay and participation during the world congress in Copenhagen. ​

Browse through our website to find the programme, social events, exhibitions, talks, dinners, accomondation and much more.. ​

And PSSTTT.. @danisharchitecturecenter is a congress partner and with your congress ticket, you get free entry during the congress days from july 2-6 ​💫

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The World Congress starts in only 50 days! We´re working hard to make a kick-ass congress for all of you and preparing Copenhagen for thousands of visitors this summer.  ​

There are already thousands that have booked their tickets and we have participants from 126 countries to date! ​

Getting together is so important for the agenda, and in order to make the big change needed for a more sustainable future! ​

If you havent booked your stay, tours or planned a trip around town to see all the pavilions, now is a good time to start.. ​

You don't want to miss this!​
Link via bio! ​

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