Accessibility and the UIA World Congress 2023

The UIA World Congress 2023 in Copenhagen is addressing architectural challenges in two essential areas: Sustainable Futures and Leave No One Behind. In order to create a congress that is as accessible as possible, we have set goals for accessibility, both with regards to the physical congress, the online portion of the congress, and the various digital media the congress operates on.

To ensure a congress that is as accessible as possible, we have set a series of goals towards accessibility. Due to the mixture of physical and digital evetns at the congress, we cannot be fully accessible, but we aim to be as accessible as we can be.




We’re working hard with Bella Center to create a congress space that allows for as much participation as possible. We have strict requirements for how the congress is structured, and how events, exhibitions and activities must live up to accessibility requirements. We are aiming to create an inclusive space for eveyone, regardless of ability


We want the congress to be readily understandable at a glance for guests with special needs. That means we promise to provide adequate information about accessiblity at events, talks, and exhibitions, to ensure that you know exactly what an event is, and whether it is accessible to you. We require events to live up to the principles of the congress, and to ensure that no one is left behind.


We want to make the congress available to people with hearing and sight disabilities. We aim to caption videos, provide alt text for images, and be as accommodating as possible when handling various media at the congress and on our digital channels. We also aim to make videos subtitled, and work to ensure that audio is clear and easy to hear.


We want to make sure that the website and printed materials are as legible as possible. This means having sufficient contrast between text and background, and well as ensuring that any text embedded in images is represented elsewhere. We want to avoid hiding information in places where people with disabilities have issues accessing that information.


We want our partners to live up to these goals, to the greatest extent possible. We expect partners to have set goals for accessibility and inclusivity, to work for diversity and understanding, and to help make the most accessible and inclusive World Congress yet.


We’re not you, and your experience of the World Congress and the platforms used by the World Congress matters. If you have comments or suggestions about how we can improve accessibility, please use the below link to email us. Please put “Accessibility recommendations” in the subject line. Thank you! 

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