Construction sites are exposed to the vagaries of the weather, and can be dangerous workplaces when surfaces are wet and slippery. Therefore Scandinavian construction sites can be closed down several weeks during wintertime due to frost and rain, which prolong the construction time. In addition to that, wet conditions can damage building materials, which is a challenge in rainy regions.




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SiteCover is a combined cover and crane for construction sites that allowsthe construction of new buildings to become an indoor activity. SiteCover is storm and snow proof according to Danish standards, and ensures goodand dry working conditions for the workforce. This significantly improvesworking conditions and safety and ensures a stable construction process withno weather related interruptions. The structure provides weather protection,cranes and factorygrade facilities that include gates, lighting and ventilation, and can be used in the building industry.

Using SiteCover enables the use of sustainable organic building materials,and it reduces the construction period significantly, because the covermakes it possible to work 365 days a year. The structure is also designedto become a frame for future 3D printing of buildings.

Location of SiteCover
Location of SiteCover

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