Water flows across municipal borders and traditional division in the building industry demands a change in the way we plan and build our cities, and the way we work together to adapt to increased rainfall and extreme weather events. Climate adaptation is a big challenge to overcome today, but also an opportunity to innovate and collaborate across fields and interests.

IBF and ACO Nordic
City of Copenhagen
Malmos A/S
Technological Institute
Smith Innovation
The Market Development Fund



Based on a cross-disciplinary partnership and collaboration between architects, drainage technicians, technical researchers, a philanthropic associations and consultants, a new scalable tile system and climate adaptation solution aimed at densely populated cities has been developed. The shape of the tile mimics the traditional tile as found on Copenhagen sidewalks, making it possible to fit it in the existing framework. But at the same time, the tile introduces a set of additional capabilities such as treating water in a purely technical manner and celebrate water as a valuable resource.

The Climate Tile supports the natural water circuit by a simple process that manages the rainwater from roofs and sidewalks and ensures that the water runs to the right place e.g. to plant holes and water tanks. It can catch and redirect 30% of the projected extra rainwater falling due to climate change, and thereby prevent overloads within the existing drainage infrastructure. The project is seen largely as an inclusive solution in synergy with both roads, bike paths, signage, urban furniture and town squares, and it contributes to the growth of an urban nature and improved microclimate, which generates added value for the urban residents.

The partnership has been crucial to the development of this tile system, contributing to climate action by innovating existing infrastructural elements and making them climate-change resilient by handling wastewater in a more sustainable way for irrigation systems and other needs.

Location of The Climate Tile


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