The four winners of the international ideas competition Neighbourhoods for Generations have been revealed.

The National Building Fund (Landsbyggefonden) can now reveal the four winners of the international ideas competition Neighbourhoods for Generations.
The participants contributed ideas for meeting the demographic challenges to public housing like decreasing birthrates and increasing life expectancy.

Put shortly: How do we create a future where we live together across generations?

The winning ideas on the future of intergenerational neighbourhoods range from integrated care services, housing careers and circularity to new ways of working together in the non-profit housing sector. The winners were found among 78 contributions from countries ranging from South Africa, Australia, Brazil, USA among others and the four winning teams are all rooted in architecture but include various disciplines and cross-cutting methods. The winning ideas will now be developed based on the goal of generating new knowledge benefitting the general housing sector.

Congratulations to the four winning teams:

– Nursing the Care from Norway (LOCAL Arkitekter, psycologist Anna Helle-Valle and doctor and CEO Sebastian von Hofacker of Verdighetsenteret)
– Thinking Outside the B(l)ox (Hele Landet – Sociale Arkitekter, ØsterGro and Andreas Høegh from Musicon)
– Feed-Back (Schmidt Hammer Lassen and Fælleshaven)
– The #ABC-Strategy (Gründl Haahr Arkitekter)

Despite animosity, all winners come from Nordic countries
While submissions to the ideas competition were anonymous and came from all over the world, the four winners were all from Nordic countries. This might be due to several factors, Christian Pagh explains.
– The winners have drafted ideas, that are both visionary and realistic. This might require a thorough cultural understanding to grasp the context of Danish neighbourhoods in a compelling way.
– A neighbourhood is by definition local and specific, so to me the winners being from Denmark and Norway is less of a surprise. However, it has been incredibly inspiring to review a diverse field of ideas from across the globe, Christine Pagh states.

The jury, which is comprised of strong profiles within architecture, city planning and urban design, has also picked 10 honourable mentions hailing from a range of countries such as Australia, South Africa, China, USA and Peru.

Initially, the winning ideas will be presented at the forthcoming iteration of Landsbyggefonden’s conference Bystrategisk Udsyn, which will focus on the intergenerational neighbourhoods of the future. The conference will take place on the 30th of May 2023 in Copenhagen.

The fully developed and refined ideas will be revealed at the World Congress and presented to the general public in an exhibition at the SDG pavilion Living Spaces Copenhagen, opening in relation to the congress, on the 29th of June.

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