Professor mette ramsgaard thomsen receives the erc advanced research grant

Cutting edge EU-funded research into sustainable architecture and materials at the Royal Danish Academy

Professor Mette Ramsgaard Thomsen and her team at the Royal Danish Academy have received the 2020 European Research Council’s Advanced Grant for her work on sustainable architecture with novel materials. Professor Thomsen’s research group will work on a project titled An Eco-Metabolistic Framework for Sustainable Architecture, which focuses on how to integrate biological and living elements in architecture. The project is considered high-risk research by the research community, which means it is at the cutting edge of technology and science. Research like Professor Ramsgaard Thomsen’s could strongly impact how we think about sustainable architecture in the future.

Professor Ramsgaard Thomsen serves as the Scientific Committee General Reporter to the UIA 2023 World Congress in Copenhagen, and receiving the grant is an amazing acknowledgement of her capacity as a scientist and researcher, as well as the importance of research into sustainability.

From the Congress’ point of view, it is amazing that the ERC has allocated money to research that might prove critical in helping all of us reach a more sustainable world. We need better materials, better techniques and a better understanding of how we can build and think sustainably. A deeper understanding of what makes something both sustainable and livable is necessary to meet and conquer the challenges we have all around the world. Research into sustainable construction, especially, will help with pollution and waste all over the world, and make sure we create a cleaner, better future together.

Press release from The Royal Danish Academy (in danish)

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