First programme for the Year of Architecture is out In 2023, Copenhagen has been chosen as the architectural capital by UNESCO and the international association of architects,UIA, and the first edition of the program is ready.

2023 will be an architecture year filled with events and projects that celebrate and debate the capital’s architecture and urban development. Under the heading “Copenhagen in Common – We have the city in common”, Copenhageners, Danes and the city’s guests are invited to participate in the architecture year’s diverse program. Technical and environmental mayor Line Barfod (EL) is pleased to be able to share the first version of the program:

“The Year of Architecture will be a year where we celebrate both the beauty and what is special about Copenhagen’s architecture, and where we can also boost a broad discussion about how architecture can support the development of a sustainable city,” she says.

Architecture is something we share

The first activities of the program are already available on the website Here you can read more about the year and how you can join as a partner, company or ordinary Copenhagener. The program is in Danish – but more information in English will follow.

The program is being developed in collaboration with a number of cultural, commercial and professional institutions, under the main themes of history, everyday life and nature. And the partnerships are a pillar for the whole year, explains Camilla van Deurs, city architect in Copenhagen:

“As the title of the year indicates, architecture is something we share. Therefore, it is a huge strength that so many different actors will contribute to the programme,” she says.

Driven by partnerships

Glyptoteket, the Workers’ Museum and the Copenhagen Museum are also among the driving forces of the Year of Architecture. The Danish Architecture Center is the main partner and plays a key role in the program, among other things. with the group exhibition ‘Copenhagen in Common’, which runs over the summer of 2023.

Opens in January

In addition to the major exhibitions, the UNESCO title will be celebrated with a series of events that will put the capital’s architecture and urban spaces at the center. This year’s opening will take place at Rådhuspladsen in January 2023, and the end will be marked by an event in December of the same year.

This year’s major professional and international event is the World Congress of Architects ‘UIA World Congress of Architects 2023 Cph, which will be held in Bella Center in July.

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