Kathrine H. Stærmose

Architect, Partner & Business Relation Manager, AART architects

Kathrine H. Stærmose has during the past eleven years as an architect in AART developed organizations and communities working with architecture as a catalyst for change and impact. At AART Kathrine continually strives to redefine the notion of architecture with a focus on the impact it creates, for its users, owners, and the surrounding community.

Kathrine and her colleagues at AART are ambitious by nature – not only in relation to materials and constructions, but also in exploring and challenging the client’s visions. Over the years, it has led to a long list of award-winning projects – including Musholm in Korsør, Denmark, which has been awarded the world’s most socially inclusive building by the IAUD and one of the world’s most visionary sports facilities by the IOC.

Kathrine has been closely involved in the expansion of Musholm, from the very beginning. Musholm has been designed for “Muskelsvindfonden” and sets new standards for accessible design and architecture. As an architect responsible for cases and competition, she has been one of the driving forces in the design and realization of the expansion and has accumulated highly specialized knowledge about user involvement and universal design. Throughout the process Kathrine has involved and inspired users based on the idea of creating strong co-ownership and pushing the boundaries of how accessible architecture can enhance the quality of life for people with and without disabilities.

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