International Ideas Contest - UIA 2020 Rio


An exciting opportunity for students of architecture, landscape design and urban planning and design. Let UIA 2020 Rio hear your suggestions for how we should design our cities in alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals, achieving greater equality in areas with high diversity. Deadline March 30.




Christoffer Steensen Møller


Bira Carvalho

With Rio de Janeiro's Maré Complex and its 16 favelas as its focus, the contest urges students to come up with innovative architectural and urban design solutions that integrate the low-income communities in the Maré Complex with the rest of Rio de Janeiro, in order to lessen social inequalities. With a population of about 140,00 people divided between its 16 slums, the Maré Complex is among the largest low-income settlements in Rio.

“The vision of a single city, regulated and standardised, clashes with the sprawling reality of these favelas. This raises the challenge for architects and urban planners to explore and propose a different concept of the city, as a place of difference and diversity.”
Fabiana Izaga, Executive Committee, 27th World Congress of Architects.

Aruan Braga, Director of Observatório de Favelas, details the contest and its importance: "As this is an ideas contest, there will not necessarily be any practical application of the proposals. However, beyond this, Maré and favelas in general will be addressed as urban references. This Contest helps reposition and resignify this Complex at the global level. I also believe that dialogue with people from other backgrounds, other cultures and trajectories, can contribute to the work already under way in the favelas. Diversity is very powerful for building solutions."

The contest is organised by the UIA and the Brazilian Institute of Architects (IAB), with backing from the UN Habitat. The winners will be announced during the UIA 2020 congress in Rio. For more information about the rules and contest prizes, go to: or for more in-depth knowledge, go to the UIA2020 site:

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