Symposium on Sustainable Futures


    Watch the videos from a fascinating symposium on sustainability hosted by CITA (Center for Information Technology and Architecture) of the Royal Danish Academy.



    The Symposium features talks from leading researchers, practitioners and thinkers who discuss how architectural research can direct and support achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

    The subject matter and invited guests are all representative of the values of UIA 2023 CPH, and we wholeheartedly recommend giving these videos some of your attention - you might get an early clue as to who some of the speakers at UIA 2023 CPH are going to be...

    Watch videos of the talks here.

    Royal Danish Academy says of the Symposium: "It asks how is sustainability conceived and incorporated into architectural practice, and how can a better understanding of key concepts and drivers better inform design agency."

    Speakers: Chris Luebkeman ( ETH Zurich ), Sandi Hilal (DAAR), Anne Beim (Royal Danish Academy), Anna Rubbo (Columbia University), Timothy Morton (Rice University)"

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