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UIA2023CPH is joining the Technical University of Denmark, DTU, in fighting for re-opening a sustainable, circular society post COVID-19.



UIA2023CPH has signed up as a case for DTU's virtual innovation sprint. With the UN pledge ‘Leave No One Behind’ as part of our congress title and mindset, we want to create new options of virtual participation for people that do not have the opportunity to take part in the Copenhagen congress physically. Therefore, we are looking at ways to utilise virtual solutions and creating a hybrid congress, linking environmental and social sustainability, while still offering a vibrant platform for the exchange of ideas, bold looks into the future and a rallying ground for decisive action on creating our sustainable futures together. Furthermore, we want to make sure that our phyiscal congress makes use of reusable, recyclable or rented solutions wherever it is possible.

We invite students and entrepreneurs to take part in the DTU Virtual Sprint and develop these ideas alongside us or one of the other 7 cases rethinking sustainable solutions. The deadline is the 20th of August, and more information can be found here:

Together, we can create a congress that matches the sustainable, innovative architecture that is to be presented in 2023; a congress which in itself is both more socially and environmentally sustainable.

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