On November 23, 2022. Meet the creators of the exhibition: EXCLUSION. An installation presented at the Royal Danish Academy Library from mid-November to December.

This exhibition created by five students from the Royal Danish Academy presents a wall with a door that sits 1.5 meters above the ground and therefore too high to walk through.

Just as the high benches around Copenhagen are intended to raise awareness of the rising waters. The aim of this installation is to draw attention to universal design by showing the difficulties that some people may face in their daily lives. For instance, walking through a doorway. The exhibition will be shown at the Royal Danish Academy Library from mid-November to December.


What is KAKM?

This project has been created by students from KAKM – The Royal Academy’s Consortium for Human Rights. Their aim is to raise awareness of human rights issues in architecture and design and to focus on people who are too often overlooked in these fields.

For the next two semesters, they will focus on people with disabilities in connection with universal design, with SUMH and the Bevica Fund.

KAKM is open to everyone to join a community that values diversity and inclusion.



Aleksandra Mostovaja

Annalena Sass

Christoffer Rosenkvist

Simon Albrecht Kvien

Taya Xiao Skaaning

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