President of Congress elected UIA Vice President of Region 1

Natalie Mossin, President of Congress for the World Congress in Copenhagen, has been elected Vice President of the International Union of Architects’ Region 1 and takes on another leading role.

Sustainability on the agenda

Following this summer’s succesful, all-virtual World Congress in Rio, UIA elected their new president and bureau members. This resulted in the President of Congress, Natalie Mossin, being elected as one of the five UIA Vice Presidents, where she will represent Western Europe (Region 1) in the upcoming term. Asked about this new title, Natalie Mossin answered:

I’m proud of the Nordic Countries’ engagement in the global community of architects, and honoured to have been elected as one of five Vice presidents of the International Union of Architects.

I believe that sharing architectural knowledge and ideas across borders is more relevant than ever, as the world is facing urgent humanitarian and environmental crises. We must see beyond current practice, but also beyond individual projects and national borders, to create the sustainable change we need.

Natalie has also been the co-chair of the UIA Commission on the UN Sustainable Development Goals since 2017, and she is the Head of the Institute of Architecture and Technology at the Royal Danish Academy of Architecture. Her commitment to sustainable architecture will contribute greatly to the already sustainable agenda of the UIA and the 1,3 million architects they represent.

A new UIA President

José-Luis Cortés Delgado of Mexico was elected to take over after Thomas Vonier as the new president of the UIA. Congratulations also to the rest of the elected bureau members, who are as follows:

  • Secretary General: Tan Pei Ing (Malaysia)
  • Treasurer: Seif Allah Alnaga (Egypt)
  • Vice President, Region I: Natalie Mossin (Nordic Section)
  • Vice President, Region II: Istelianna Atanassova (Georgia)
  • Vice President, Region III: Sam Oboh (Canada)
  • Vice President, Region IV: Ishtiaque Zahir (Bangladesh)
  • Vice President, Region V: Tokunbo Omisore (Nigeria)

Read more about the bureau members and the UIA on their website: https://www.uia-architectes.or…

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