All of Those That Shape Our World: Madame Architect on Stories and Lessons for a New Way Forward

Women have been designing, building, and making decisions about the worlds we have built for as long as we have been building it, but for too long, their leadership, innovation, and creativity has been underrepresented. Madame Architect was founded in 2018 to bring to light and celebrate all of the different professionals, who identify as women, that contribute to the built environment, and has since told the stories of over 300 architects and designers – including Frida Escobedo, Neri Oxman, Dorte Mandrup, Deborah Berke, Odile Decq, and Pritzker Laureates Yvonne Farrell and Shelley McNamara – as well as CEOs, publicists, journalists, business strategists, counsel, and more.

In this presentation, Julia Gamolina, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Madame Architect, will present Madame Architect’s inception and evolution, and will lead a panel discussion on what it means to have our world designed by as many different types of voices as possible.


Nyasha Harper-Michon

‘Archtivist’, Architect, LinkedIn Top Voice Green, Business Strategist, Educator, Speaker, Writer


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