Behavioural design as the Key to the Green Transition

This session, jointly hosted by 3XN’s founder Kim Herforth Nielsen and GXN’s Susan Jayne Carruth, will explore how architecture affects the wellbeing of both people and the planet – and how people and the planet affect architecture.

Within 3XN/GXN, behavioural design is woven into every project, regardless of site or scale. The blossoming of research into behaviour and behavioural design across several professional fields has the potential to sharpen this design approach, connecting the dots between concept and action in a way that’s based on science rather than assumption.

What prompts us to gather and connect? What separates us? And how can design help us to overcome biases and habits we may not even be aware of? With the climate crisis – and architecture’s role in it – top of mind, behavioural design offers a path forward into combatting some of the globe’s most critical issues.



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