Dynamic Capabilities – why we need to change how, who and what we teach

Our common global community are facing challenges more complex than ever before. Complexity calls for new perspectives, skills and capabilities amongst the already prac-ticing stakeholders in the built environment and not the least amongst the next generation of architects, engineers, craftsmen, policy makers etc. When the level of complexity rises, we have to find a more dynamic, flexible and collaborative approach to the way we develop our societies.

In this session we’ve invited key stakeholders from all over the world to discuss, how we – as the global architecture community – can develop and strengthen the dynamic capabilities needed to navigate in a complex reality and reach a sustainable development.


Mikkel Thomassen

PHD, Postdoc at the Royal Danish Academy and CEO of Smith Innovation

Saija Hollmén

Architect & Professor, Aalto School of Arts, Design and Architecture

Sharon Haar

ACSA President, Professor, University of Michigan

So Young Kim

Professor of Practice at Hanyang University ERICA, Department of Architecture


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