Connecting Design & Architecture: How Design Impacts Body and Mind

In Denmark, the approach to design has always been closely connected to spaces and functionality. When we enter spaces such as this UIA Congress, or our own homes, we feel the impact of design on our individual experience.

Danish design is known worldwide for its exceptional quality, meticulous attention to detail, and focus on lasting impressions. From tactility to appreciating the beauty of ageing materials to precision crafting, these are designs built with inherent sustainability as they’re made to last through generations of use.

In our discussion, we explore how space and design are connected and the human experience of architecture and design. The panel participants provide different perspectives on this topic, helping us explore the different ways in which we perceive design.

  • Lise Vester, Danish designer
  • Anker Bak, Danish designer
  • Caspar Eric, Danish poet

The talk is moderated by Creative Design Director at Fritz Hansen, Marie-Louise Høstbo.


Anker Bak

Furniture Designer and Cabinetmaker


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