Gender Equality to Support Resilient Communities

Join our workshop to support gender equality and foster inclusive environments for women’s participation in renewable energy, energy efficiency, and resilient communities. The workshop will gather insights to develop actionable policy recommendations to drive meaningful change to empower diversity and bolster opportunities for all individuals regardless of gender.

The workshop will support women in technical and financial industries by addressing strategies and mechanisms that bridge the gender gap and encourage collaboration and mentorship among women across different levels of seniority. During the workshop, relevant case studies will be presented by leading and inspiring speakers, offering valuable insights and perspectives on financial models and gender equality. Following the panel discussion, a dedicated Q&A session will allow participants to engage with the speakers and other professionals from the sector.

Together, we will distill our discussions into concrete recommendations, targeting authorities and policymakers, with the ultimate goal of effecting significant change and enhancing gender readiness.


More speakers to come…


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