Health – How Architects Must Tackle (Climate-Related) Health Inequities

The health effects of climate change will impact different regions of the world in disparate ways. The global south is expected to see the most dramatic changes, but architecture and the careful design of cities and communities can be a strong mitigating force and, in some cases, vastly improve health, especially among disadvantaged population groups. Join this session to find out how we unlock the potential in the most equitable and resource-efficient way.

This session is a keynote dialogue moderated by our Master of Ceremonies Connie Hedegaard. Our keynote dialogues are designed as a series of dialogues between trailblazing architects and experts from science, business and politics. All keynote dialogues will be moderated by Connie Hedegaard.


Christian Benimana

Senior Principal, MASS Design Group, and Director of The African Design Centre

Maria P. Neira

WHO Director, Department of Environmental, Climate Change and Health


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