Next Gen: Educating for a Sustainable ‘Now’ – Sustainability Curriculum Workshop for Students and Newly Graduated

How do we move from good intentions to actual change within the field of architecture – and how does it show in the way we design sustainability curricula? One answer to this immeasurable task is to intensify the exchange of knowledge and experience across educational institutions.

In this session, a student workshop will investigate the multiple paradigms and methods of sustainability education. The workshop includes student projects from all over the world and sheds light upon the educational institutions, exploring potentials and challenges in contemporary sustainability education of the next generation of architects. The common goal is to educate for a sustainable now, where we leave no one behind.

This is session #2 of two coherent sessions for architectural students and young professionals. You can participate in both or choose one of them. Session #1 is NEXT GEN: TRANSITION INTO SUSTAINABILITY PRACTICES – THE FIRST YEARS.

Sessions labelled with Next Gen are curated by students and young professionals.


Tine Hegli

Professor, The Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO)

Mathis Rager

Architect, General foreman, Hempcrete expert, Teacher, Writer
More speakers to come…


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