Next Gen: Rethinking Sustainable Futures – Leave No One Behind

1000-1500 Student voices from all around the world.

Asking the questions of the students – the students setting the agenda.

The format of the session is a panel discussion, and in volves the jury and additional guests. The winners of the 120 Hours Competition and the 120 Hours team will also partake in the session. In this session, the student team will have a short introduction to the competition and this year’s entries. The jurymembers will share their take on the results of the competition, and discuss the themes of the student entries. Futures, greenwashing, education etc.

Young professionals, practicing architects and students will share their view on sustainability within the built environment and debate how the industry can work to really attain a sustainable future. We will debate the themes of the student entries, and discuss how the next gen of architects can push the architectural profession towards a sustainable future.

Meet the finalists and get inspired by their projects in this session where criterions for sustainable ideas and actions are discussed. With students from all continents and some of the world’s most renowned architects as jury members, this session by 120 Hours is set to be a conversation you don´t want to miss.

120 Hours is the world’s largest annual architecture competition for students, by students. The competition contributes to new thoughts and discussions, by giving students 120 hours to answer a complex architectural assignment.

Sessions labelled with Next Gen are curated by students and young professionals.


Tine Hegli

Professor, The Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO)
More speakers to come…


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