Next Gen: Towards a New Ethics of Youth Inclusion

A crucial step to not leaving any one behind is how to work together, not only as architects, but also working together across disciplines and, most importantly, with those we design and build for.

Taking a point of departure in a set of value statements collected from Danish youth in social housing areas who have participated in collaborative design processes, this session opens for critical reflection on the ethics of youth involvement: what limits and challenges do we face as architects? what new methodologies and tools are out there? And what does the youth themselves have to say?

Adding international perspective, the session includes a facilitated conversation with Next Gen panel participants. So come and join us for an open session talk between scholars and practitioners who present new insights on the ethics and challenges of youth involvement in participatory design processes.

Sessions labelled with Next Gen are curated by students and young professionals.

This session is held at the Next Gen Scene, Hall E.


More speakers to come…


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