Next Gen: Turning the Tables – Enabling Young Voices in the Green Transition

Young voices are calling for climate action across the world. They’re willing to make the sacrifices that are needed to avoid irreversible climate chaos. However, one’s age is often hindering in an industry where experience is valued higher than anything else. The built environment is a central part of the green transition and the question remains: Is the industry willing to enforce the changes we will have to make? And if not, how can we effectively enable young voices in the discussion about our future?

In this session we will turn the tables by inviting the next generation to lead the conversation in front of an industry in which they’re marginalized. The leaders of the industry will be asked to take a step back in the discussion and listen.

Through the panellists’ conversation, they will shed light on what it’s like to be seen for your age rather than for your ideas. They will discuss the obstacles that young people are met with and share their thoughts and experiences on how to overcome them. What is the change they wish to see in the built environment and where is the current way of building insufficient. Why are the young voices important? And can the young voices be implemented strategically by people in power in a way that is for both part’s best advantage?

Sessions labelled with Next Gen are curated by students and young professionals.


Ejvind Spence

Student of Landscape Architecture & Climate Activist

Vibeke Grupe Larsen

Architect and PhD Researcher, The Danish Association of the Architectural Firms / University of Southern Denmark

Mette Mogensen

Architect & Head of Development of Sustainable Housing and Urban Development,

Thomas Bo Jensen

Professor of Architecture & Head of Research, Aarhus School of Architecture


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