Regenerative, Resilient and Equitable Built Environment: The Role of Cities and Architects

Current construction practices are fundamentally misaligned with cities’ visions for climate neutral, resilient, circular, equitable, and healthy communities. The construction sector is responsible for more than 23% of the world’s GHG emissions and consumes over 30% of global resources. With 70% of the world’s population living in reinforced concrete buildings, business-as-usual in the construction sector contributes to a world on track for 3°C or more of heating.It is critical to engage cities and the built environment sector, especially architects and real estate companies, to address the climate crisis equitably, holistically and cross-sectorally.

The session will explore the critical role of cities and architects in driving the shift to an inclusive, resilient and regenerative built environment and construction sector delivering good green jobs, as well as equitable and healthy cities and communities.


More speakers to come…


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