The irresistible circular society – utopia or reality?

What does it take to make the green transition desirable and irresistible?

How do we factor planetary perspectives, the value of beauty, or a sense of belonging into urban development?

Which systemic changes need to be integrated into the economic and political reality guiding urban development?

The New European Bauhaus initiative aims to bridge the worlds of art, culture and education with science and technology. The initiative will create more sustainable, inclusive, and beautiful spaces in locations across the EU and will involve citizens in the green transition at the local level. A broad coalition of organizations have answered this call under a common vision to ‘design the irresistible circular society’, DESIRE. Through eight project sites in Denmark, Netherlands, Italy, Latvia, and Slovenia, a new path and a new school of thought is being developed across borders and sectors.

The DESIRE initiative invites the UIA community to discuss the perspectives on the new European Bauhaus movement in architecture and urban development. Join thought leaders and local representatives in a discussion on how planetary perspectives, belonging and aesthetics can guide the urban development decisions we need to make going forward.


Enlai Hooi

Senior Associate & Head of Innovation, Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects

Indy Johar

Architect & Co-Founder, Architecture 00 and Dark Matter Labs
More speakers to come…


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