Looking for inspiration on designing with biodiversity in mind? Join Tobias Theil Konishi, a highly experienced architect and Project Director with a passion for sustainable development. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from one of the industry’s top experts in sustainable design.

UN17 Village – Designing With Biodiversity in Mind

Talk by Tobias Theil Konishi, Project Director, Architect MAA

The UN’s 17 Global Goals emphasize the need to safeguard the biosphere as the foundation for sustaining a healthy environment for all life. However, building new developments will unavoidably cause harm to the biosphere, both locally and globally, due to the use of natural resources in construction materials.

Based on his extensive experience with projects designed to minimize the loss of biodiversity, Tobias shares his insights as a partner and advisor for the design of the outdoor spaces for the UN 17 Village development project in Ørestaden in Copenhagen. During the early development of the project, SLA design studio worked on design solutions, where addressing the loss of biodiversity was the main design factor.

During this talk Tobias will share his insights about the design process and the lessons learned. He will also delve into modern designers’ challenges when designing with biodiversity in mind and offers practical solutions to overcome them.

The UN 17 Village is the World’s first construction project that addresses and incorporates the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals in a comprehensive solution.

Bio – short background:

Tobias Konishi is a Project Director at SLA, leading a team of landscape architects, architects, and biologists. He specializes in identifying the potentials and challenges of a site and utilizing them to create a new innovative design.

Tobias has been involved in some of SLA’s most prestigious projects, including Gellerup New Nature Park in Aarhus, Amager Bakke Rooftop Park, a biodiverse asset on top of a waste-to-energy plant, and Søndre Havn – Køge Kyst,  a new climate resilient neighborhood on a former industrial site in Køge.

SLA is an internationally renowned nature-based design studio.


This talk is a part of Science Taks hosted by BLOXHUB & UIA World Congress of Architects CPH 2023. It is the 4th Science Talk in a series of nine given the title `Leave No One and Nothing Behind´. The series wishes to find solutions on how we reach a future, where we leave no one and nothing behind. In fact, a future where we leave more behind than we take. BLOXHUB would like to invite you to participate and engage with the researcher.

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UN17 Village – Designing With Biodiversity in Mind: Science Talk with Tobias Theil Konishi – BLOXHUB

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