Online symposium: Built Action – Architecture and the Time of Making

Online symposium: Built Action - Architecture and the Time of Making

Online symposium – Friday December 2, 2022: 10:30 to 16:00 CET

The international symposium examines architecture as process; process of becoming, process of decay and process of change. By inviting a broad group of interdisciplinary researchers and practitioners from architecture, building restoration, architectural anthropology and consumption studies, our aim is to question the axiom of permanence and stasis in architectural conception and value to instead bring new focus on the manifold entangled histories and practices of the built environment as a result of a new percept of materials as inherently time-based and of construction as fundamentally continual. The symposium is structured around two parts:

PERFORMING BUILDING: entangling resource, making and living

Firstly, we ask how actions of repair and maintenance directly implicate the agency of designers, builders and dwellers. We ask how we can theorise the incorporation of maintenance as part of architectural thinking and what the rooting concepts transferred from practices such as building pathology can be. By learning from self-builders to look at new intersections by which to understand who builds for whom, with which descriptive practice and through what technology.

ENDURANCE & DEATH: material and building life span

Secondly, we seek to position ideas of limited durability and decay within an architectural framework. This is undertaken through a historic provocation seeding the emerging language of modern architecture as a result of efforts to bolster against material decay and environmental impact. It is paired with a theoretical examination of ideas of death, decay and obsolescence in architectural design. 

Presentations and keynotes by:

Maria Stender
, Anthropologist and senior researcher, Department of the Built Environment at Aalborg University 

Stine Dalager Nielsen, Architect and Conservationist, PhD Fellow, Aarhus School of Architecture 

David Pontille and Jérôme Denis, Sociologist, Centre for Sociology and Innovation, Mines ParisTech

Jorge Otero-Pailos, Director and Professor of Historic Preservation at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation

Stephen Cairns, Future Cities Lab Global, Singapore-ETH Centre

The international symposium is part of the Sustainable Futures III PhD-course hosted by CITA, The Royal Danish Academy: Architecture, Design, Conservation.

The event is disseminated in collaboration with DigitalFutures


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The symposium is a pre-event leading up to the UIA World Congress 2023 Copenhagen Sustainable Futures – Leave No One Behind, that will take place in Copenhagen July 2-6, 2023. The congress will focus on the multiple ways in which architecture and the built environment can support the fulfilment of the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

For any queries please contact Research Curator and Coordinator of the UIA World Congress 2023 Copenhagen Science Track, Pernille Maria Bärnheim on

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