The Scientific Committee will host a series of events leading up to the UIA 2023 World Congress in Copenhagen. All events will be uploaded to this page. Stay tuned.


Resourceful Architecture

8 December at 7am – 2pm EST / 1pm – 8pm CET / 8pm – 3am China

The symposium ‘Resourceful Architecture’ examines approaches to resourcefulness in architecture; how sustainability challenges the foundations of our material practices and how they can change with it.

Pre-Event: The Design for Resilient Communities Symposium

The Design for Resilient Communities Symposium, to be held at the John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design at the University of Toronto, will bring together designers, practitioners, scholars, educators, and activists to discuss how design can contribute to building strong and adaptable communities by encouraging innovative solutions and facilitating the development of knowledge and skills necessary for endurance and recovery.

Pre-Event: The Design for Climate Adaptation Symposium

The Design for Climate Adaptation pre-event serves to generate interest and discussion around the theme of this year’s International Union of Architects conference: Sustainable Futures – Leave No One Behind. The Design for Climate Adaptation track emphasizes people, multiple forms of research, knowledges, and action.

Pre-Event: An Architecture of Social Justice (I) – Protagonists Statements

Arguing that sustainability, in its most holistic definition, cannot be achieved without a collective act the event will ask: What responsibility do architects, clients, developers and users who shape our built environments have to implement social justice and how does that apply when existing policies and practices do not fully enable that?

Pre-Event: Decolonial Assembly/Berlin Biennale

On June 10, 2022, Sandi Hilal and Merve Bedir will host a pre-event for Panel 6: Design for Partnerships for Change at the Berlin Biennale as part of their engagement in the Science Track of the UIA World Congress 2023 Copenhagen.


UIA2023CPH Science Track OpenDoor – get involved

The engagement and involvement of the global architectural community is crucial to strengthen and expand the discussions around the synergetic potentials of the built environment to support the fulfilment of the SDGs. The UIA2023CPH Science Track therefore invites institutions, studios and other relevant actors to create events that critically investigate, reflect upon, expand one or more themes of the Science Panels.

We will be very happy to consider supporting your event through our communications channels as well as uploading a recording of the event to our growing online archive.

The proposal must include:

  • Which Science Panel the event is linked to
  • Outline of event programme and investigative questions
  • Keynote speakers
  • Event organisers and stakeholders
  • Date and time
  • Event format, i.e. online, offline, hybrid
  • Contact details of event organiser