“Superblock in Barcelona”, “15-minute City” in Paris, “Open Piazza” in Milan, “Reffen” in Copenhagen across Europe and beyond. Cities are transforming their neighbourhoods. They reclaim space from cars to create new green spaces, playgrounds and terraces for people, to support local shops to thrive, and to harness a more climate-resilient and less polluted environment for the local communities and especially for families and children.
During the UIA Congress, C40 Cities will be bringing together representatives from cities, academia, private sector, youth groups and more, for a marathon event delving into key urban themes on how we can redesign public spaces to deliver green and thriving neighbourhoods. This marathon will be exploring topics such as: designing public spaces in the eyes of children, achieving quick wins with small budgets through tactical urbanism, using culture and meanwhile occupation to reactivate neglected urban spaces, bringing nature-based solutions at the heart of public spaces design. The event will take place at the Spor 10-Green & Thriving Neighbourhoods community Hub which is an inspiring temporary occupation project that sits at the heart of the latest urban regeneration project within Copenhagen.

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