How will the city face cloudbursts in the future? Get an unique and immersive experience that disseminates the story of Harrestrup Stream as Denmark’s largest climate adaptation project, and see how architecture intertwined with climate adaptation provides the urban green spaces of the future. In the Harrestrup Stream showroom at ENERGY & WATER – Greater Copenhagen Living Lab you will get an insight into the project, from the idea behind to finished climate adaptation solution. This is a unique cooperation between 10 different municipalities and the development of multi-functional climate adaptation solutions. Follow us on a journey from a time where the stream was a hidden sewage canal up until present time where it is a green architectural masterpiece that combines stormwater management and recreational green urban spaces, for the benefit of the citizens. Moreover experience how Copenhagen and the Harrestrup Stream project can function as a demo lab for holistic climate adaptation solutions and inspire others.The tour will take place in the showroom of ENERGY & WATER where you will embark on a virtual tour through VR googles, 3D models and a real life flooding of the city. There will be sandwiches and drinks available at the beginning of the tour.

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