The future of urban health is a complex issue and the key challenge is to gain a full understanding of the challenges and opportunities. To this end, we are collecting and disseminating young researchers’ messages on urban health, with the aim of stimulating further conversation and raising public awareness.

We will invite 20 young researchers from around the world to share their insights on the topic of urban health. We will put each message in a small gift box and hide all the boxes around the nature park. Participants will be asked to look for the boxes as they walk around the park.

All ages are welcome. We encourage people to meet and talk about urban health. By finding a message, they will have the chance to connect with one of the young researchers and learn more about their perspective on urban health.

This event is not only a social campaign to raise awareness about urban health, but also an opportunity to appreciate the valuable natural resources close to the centre of Copenhagen. Ultimately, we hope that this initiative will spark a broader conversation about the future of urban health and inspire the public to think about the challenges that lie ahead.

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