CEO Jesper Nygård is hosting this event and will share how Realdania uses co-creating strategies as a foundation for creating our future built environment. After a long day at the congress in the Bella Center, this is an opportunity for adding foods for thoughts about systemic changes and a small snack!

The philanthropic association (almost similar to a foundation) Realdania has worked for more than 20 years to enhance quality of life for everyone through the built environment. Realdania’s work reflects both local, national and global challenges and is driven by the universal belief, that challenges can only be solved when working together and across sectors. CEO Jesper Nygård will take us through a number of specific examples, unfolding how co-creation and a catalytic approach to the association’s philanthropic efforts is part of answering the big question: How do we create the built environment to a sustainable future leaving no one behind?


The association is housed in central Copenhagen on Jarmers Plads in a high-modernist “Architectural Landmark” designed by the architects Christian, Erik and Aage Holst in the late 1950s.


Realdania is Founding Partner of the UIA World Congress and Strategic Funder of C40 Cities.

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