Adelina Tahiri Nela

Architect, Researcher and Lecturer

Adelina Tahiri Nela is a co-founder of LOCUS, an architecture & planning studio in Prishtina, devoted to architecture and planning based on research, with the aim of creating sustainable environments that can be economically affordable, while contributing to social well-being. She is a graduate of Montana State University, USA (2010). She is now a PhD Candidate at University of Ljubljana, with the research area of interest being smart, sustainable and resilient cities.

She has practiced sustainable architecture and planning for over 14 years, and leaded projects of various types and scales. She was co-curator of the two exhibitions: Community Design Pristina (2015), and Khumbu Climbing School, Montana, USA (2010). She is also a lecturer at the Faculty of Architecture, AAB College in Prishtina.

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