Billie Faircloth

Partner and Research Director, Kieran Timberlake

Billie Faircloth is a researcher, professor, and lecturer whose work centers around three main themes: the justification and research methods for transdisciplinary and trans-scalar design practices; the design of novel methods, tools, and workflows that reveal new information about materials, climate, and thermodynamic phenomena; and how the history of plastics in architecture demonstrates architecture’s changing posture towards transdisciplinary practices and new knowledge.

Faircloth’s interest in these topics was formed during her time at The University of Texas at Austin’s School of Architecture where, between 2002 and 2008, she developed and tested studio, seminar, and lecture teaching methods that supported a transdisciplinary and trans-scalar design process. Her teaching methods were both locally and nationally acclaimed, earning her the university’s Texas Alumni Teaching Award and Faculty Teaching Award for Design Studio in 2004 and the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture’s (ACSA) New Faculty Teaching Award in 2005.

Faircloth’s departure from fulltime academia in 2008 was occasioned by the offer of the Research Directorship at KieranTimberlake, an internationally renowned architecture firm noted for its commitment to research, innovation, and invention. At KieranTimberlake, she has taken up the challenge of applying the design processes she theorized in academia to the organization of people and projects.