Serhiy Buravchenko Hryhorovych

Architect, Vice-President of the National Union of Architects of Ukraine

Professor of the Department of Architecture and Spatial Planning. Faculty of Architecture, Construction and Design of the National Aviation University (Ukraine).

For the analysis and generalization of aspects of the development of architecture in the modern architectural press, as part of a group of architects-authors of printed works, the State Prize of Ukraine in the field of architecture was awarded in 2006.

1990-1996 – chief architect of UCIMM Ltd. 1996 – internship in the USA. From 1997 to 2018, he was the chief architect of the SE “Ukrainian Research and Design Institute of Civil Engineering”. Member of NSAU since 1991, vice-president of Kyiv organization of NSAU since 1993, vice-president of NSAU since 2020. In 2021 Chairman of Kyiv Council of the Architectural Chamber.

Author of 5 educational textbooks and manuals on architecture, more than 100 scientific and popular articles, author of construction norms and standards, in particular DBN “Public buildings. Basic Provisions” and the author of the “Planning and Development of Territories” chapters of DBN.

Took an active part in the harmonization of norms and standards of the European Union in Ukraine. The author is a member of the author’s collectives and individual residential and public buildings, residential complexes, general plans and detailed plans of settlements, in particular, “Planning Schemes of the Suburban Zone of the City of Kyiv” as part of the General Plan of the City of Kyiv.

Partnerships for Change – Exploring The potential of UIA Region 2 – Ukraine and Lebanon

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