Christian Benimana

Senior Principal, MASS Design Group, and Director of The African Design Centre

Christian Benimana is a Rwanda-born architect. In 2010 he joined MASS Design Group as a Global Health Corps Design Fellow. Today, Christian works as one of the firm’s Senior Principals and Managing Directors, and is Director of the African Design Centre, a field-based apprenticeship that is set to empower leaders who will design a more equitable, just, and sustainable world.

At MASS, he has been involved with design/build projects, development initiatives, operational and administration leadership. Christian has been listed among 10 architects and designers that are championing Afrofuturism and 2017 Quartz Africa Innovators. He has authored articles and book chapters including Re-Thinking the Future of African Cities in The African Perspective Magazine and Creating Design Leaders: The African Design Centre in Public Interest Design Education Guidebook.

Regenerative, Resilient and Equitable Built Environment: The Role of Cities and Architects

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