Christine Auclair

Architect, Coordinator, World Urban Campaign, UN-Habitat

With more than two decades of experience on urban issues in a United Nations context, Christine Auclair today runs the World Urban Campaign, an advocacy platform to engage urban stakeholders in achieving the New Urban Agenda and the SDGs in cities and communities.

She holds a French diploma in Architecture (DPLG) and a PhD in Urban Studies (Institut Français d’Urbanisme, Paris). She worked in France in several architecture studios before joining UN-Habitat on the lead to the United Nations Habitat II Conference (Istanbul, 1996) to prepare city data and support national reporting. She contributed to the UN-Habitat Global Urban Observatory and the development of slum data and urban indicators. She has developed partnerships with the private sector, urban professionals, researchers and civil society organizations for the agency. She has contributed to several key publications, including UN-Habitat’s State of the World Cities Report.

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