Detty Saluling

Senior Manager for the Rainforest Journalism Fund and Leader of the Asia-Pacific Forest Communicators Network

Detty Saluling is the Manager of the Pulitzer Center’s Rainforest Journalism Fund initiative that supports reporting of rainforest issues in the Amazon, Congo Basin and Southeast Asia regions. She has extensive experiences in communication and outreach in Asia and the Pacific, leading major multistakeholder events and engagements, organizing practice and policy dialogues, and highlighting local champions. She previously worked at RECOFTC as the regional communication coordinator. Detty also leads the Asia-Pacific Forest Communicator’s Network, a regional branch of FAO-hosted Global Network.

Convince or Compel – How to Communicate Effectively to Shape a Sustainable Future with Wooden Buildings

Sustainable wood is a renewable material that contributes to a resilient planet and rural livelihoods and is a viable alternative to fossil-fuel-based building materials. The development of wooden high-rise residential…
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