Helene Søndergaard Jensen

Helene is currently studying at Aarhus School of Architecture, where she just handed in her bachelor project. The BA project was designing a school which prepare the next generation to coexistence with nature and all living organisms. The project’s goal is to start a conversation about nature, and what we are teaching the next generation, and how archi¬tecture can help develop a framework for coexisting with nature. Helene finds topics such as coexistence and designing for non-humans very interesting.

As a student, Helene thinks it is really important that education has a sustainable focus, as students often have the opportunity to think radically and unconventionally. Helene has been part of an art community called KONTUR at Aarhus School of Architecture. An association started by students as a counter-reaction to poor well-being at the school. They wanted a community where they could cultivate some of the interests that had nothing to do with school and architecture.

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