Ibrahim El-Hassan

Political Science student, actor, writer, and activist

Ibrahim El-Hassan is 22 years old and lives in Vollsmose in Odense with his family. He is passionate about social justice, which is why he serves in several different boards in his local community, including as the chair of the board in his housing department with 439 homes.

He also performs forum theatre with the theater group 5240 Act Now, where he and other actors perform tailored shows across the country based on the stories, thoughts, challenges, and dilemmas of ethnic minorities.

Ibrahim’s residential area, Vollsmose, is labeled as Denmark’s largest ghetto by Danish politicians, and therefore, the area faces massive demolition, with 1000 homes to be torn down, and many families to be evicted. That’s why he is also active in Almen Modstand, where he fights against the demolition of his home and the eviction of his neighbors. He does this through political campaigns, public education, and articles.

Talks about #racism #gentrification #ghettolaw #inclusion #HousingForEveryone

Learn more about Ibrahim’s projects and connect via Instagram and LinkedIn.

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