Indy Johar

Architect & Co-Founder, Architecture 00 and Dark Matter Labs

Indy Johar is an architect, co-founder of Architecture 00 and Dark Matter Labs.

Dark Matter Labs is an international research organisation working with institutions around the world, from UNDP, European Commission on Net Zero Cities, European Environmental Agency, Climate Kic, Scottish Government and various national agencies and cities.

Alongside, Indy is a non executive director of WikiHouse Foundation and Bloxhub, was a Good Growth Commissioner for the RSA, UNDP Innovation Facility Advisory Board Member, RIBA Trustee – amongst other. He has lectured at institutions such as University of Bath, TU-Berlin, Architectural Association, University College London, Princeton, Harvard, MIT and New School. Most recently, he was awarded the London Design Medal for Innovation in 2022.

In his work, he is mainly focused on the strategic design of new super scale civic assets for transition; specifically at the intersection of financing, contracting and governance for deeply democratic futures.

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