Jana Revedin

Architect, UNESCO Delegate, France

Born in Constance (Germany), Jana Revedin is an architect, theorist and writer. The holder of a PhD in architectural and urban sciences and renown expert of the Bauhaus movement and its active pedagogy, she taught at the IUAV Venice as an assistant to Aldo Rossi. In 1996 she founded her architectural practice in Venice. Founding president of the Global Award for Sustainable Architecture under the patronage of UNESCO, she explores her Radicant Design theory in situated student projects, claiming for academic responsibility. She is a Full professor at the École spéciale d’architecture Paris; Member of the CNRS Research Laboratory LAURE; UNESCO Delegate to the Education and Research Commission of the UIA; Member of the Board of ENSAP Bordeaux; Design-Peer Advisor of Forschungsinitiative Zukunft Bau Berlin; and Member of the scientific Board of the Societé du Grand Paris.

Jana Revedin is internationally recognized; she the author of prizewinning architectural and urban projects and reference works on sustainable architecture and cities, she won the AESOP Prize for Teaching Excellence (2013) and the Global Prize of the Urban Revitalization of Mass Housing competition of UN Habitat (2014). Appointed a Chevalier des Arts et lettres in 2014, she has been honoured by the French Academy of Architecture with the Medal for the Direction of Doctoral Thesis of Excellence (2016) and the Prospective Medal (2017). In 2022 she has been elected member of the French Academy of Architecture.

Architectural Education for a Sustainable Future

Marilys R. Nepomechie (United States) and Ashraf M. Salama (Egypt/United Kingdom), Co-Directors of the UIA Education Commission (EDUCOM) and Co-Reporters of the UNESCO-UIA Validation Council for Architectural Education, will co-host…
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