Jean-Michel Perret

Mayor, Saint Hilaire de Brethmas, France

Jean-Michel Perret, Mayor of a peri-urban commune of 4,800 inhabitants within a conurbation of 130,000 inhabitants, in the south of France between the Mediterranean Sea and the Cevennes mountains. Passionate about the 15-Minute, politically inspired by the fresco of Siena, I combine the sustainable city that must deal with societal, social and climatic challenges.

Rethinking the city for the well-being of our inhabitants must be based on building methods with ecological and resilient functioning, but above all by achieving the indispensable social mosaic in the composition of the neighborhoods, which guarantees the future of a peaceful society.

A mosaic of professional activities in the city and agricultural proximity allows all members of the household to work and eat near their home, this is the urbanistic teaching of the Siena fresco for the two fundamental pillars of life.

My political work complements these two fundamentals with health, education, public services, recreation, and openness to the world with multimodal transport.

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