Jerome Picard

Architect and Urban designer, LOCAL Partner

Based in Bergen, Jérôme Picard is a founding partner at LOCAL where he has a leading role in the design development of urban and architectural projects. Jerome promotes an inclusive and intergenerational architecture and develops an in-depth experience of participative processes.
Jerome co-created Greymatter to include older adults at the heart of urban renewal and address the institutionalization of health to reintegrate it into our daily life. Jerome wants to design the place where our future self would want to live!

Greymatter has been awarded internationally and is part of major architectural events. Part of this work, Nursing the Care focuses on integrating welfare services, care workers and general care into existing housing areas, where people who need them the most live. Living, ageing and dying are everybody’s responsibility. Greymatter suggests a built environment that facilitates this idea.

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