Jesper Nygård

Chairman, UIA2023 Honorary Committee, & CEO, Realdania

Jesper Nygård is the CEO of Realdania, a private member based philanthropic association in Denmark, with about 175,000 members, which supports philanthropic projects in the realms of a sustainability in the built environment.

Realdania’s philanthropic focus is on addressing some of society’s major problems through agenda setting initiatives. Realdania’s works problem driven and its mission is to improve the quality of life and benefit the common good through the built environment.

Mr. Nygård joined the Supervisory Board of Realdania in 2003 and was elected Chairman in 2009. He resigned from the Supervisory Board when he became CEO of Realdania in 2013. Mr. Nygård also is a member of several boards and committees including Danish Foundations’ Knowledge Center (Chairman), The Danish Management Society and The C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group.

Mr. Nygård is a skilled moderator and active public debater both nationally and internationally, where Mr. Nygård advocates for smart climate solutions in retrofitting existing urban areas and in the development of new urban areas. Mr. Nygård is a firm believer that by working collectively and in partnerships individuals and individual organizations can achieve far greater things that they can alone.

As the Chairman of the UIA2023 Honorary Committee, Mr. Nygård will contribute to the opening and closing ceremonies as well as selected sessions which will be published later.

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