Lise Vester


Sensory and aesthetic design increases our wellbeing. This is something I experienced personally and worked with professionally when I collaborated with a Danish hospice during my studies, the same hospice my aunt died in 2011.

Here I experienced how design and architecture can create stimulating and caring atmospheres and how design can support people in different life stages. This is why I strive to create design solutions with empathy for peoples’ needs and to design aesthetic products, furniture, objects and lighting that support us on emotional and functional levels.

My design often uses playful and sculptural elements that talk to our senses and mind to encourage curiosity and engagement. Aesthetic design can highlight the beauty of ordinary everyday life and make us feel comfortable and at home But it can also challenge our perception of how we experience the world by offering new perspectives and ways of thinking and behaving.

By caring for sensory and aesthetic experiences within design,I hope to contribute to meaningful and prospering atmospheres for people to live in. To create design that enhances our wellbeing.

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