Liselott Stenfeldt

Director, Head of R&D, Gehl

As Team Director for Cities and Head of R&D, Liselott Stenfeldt is responsible for developing strategic visions and innovative concepts that incorporate citizen-centricity and new models of collaboration, with the goal to guide future urban development. She is driven by her curiosity for how technology can support and make people’s everyday life easier and healthier. How can we collect, process and share data in order to help expose new patterns and unfold hidden communities and social connections in order to create better and more inclusive cities for everyone?

Liselott has more than 10 years work experience in initiating and co-creating digital projects, tools and methods. All focusing on understanding the way our cities work and what engages and excites us, in order to design better invitations in public space. With specialisation in advanced design processes, she is an experienced workshop leader and facilitator of masterclasses, rethinking the process of urban development.

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