Marthijn Pool

Co-Founder & Partner, Space&Matter and Common City

Marthijn Pool (1980) is one of the co-founders of space&matter and crowdbuilding. He completed his Master of Science at the Technical University of Delft, faculty of Interactive Architecture, in 2005. After graduating he works with Kas Oosterhuis’ practice ONL on various international projects and tutors Master students at the Delft University of Technology. In 2009 he joins Tjeerd Haccou and Sascha Glasl in founding space&matter and 5 years later a spin off company Crowdbuilding. Space&Matter is a multidisciplinary spatial design practise, which merges architecture, urban planning, technological platforms and system thinking to constantly push the envelope of the spatial discipline.

Marthijn’s profound practical experience and keen knowledge in process oriented design strategies enhances the team to operate effectively. He has a theoretical, conceptual mindset and a hands on mentality. During his career Marthijn has numerous organisational and management roles, being a board member in various committees. He has received prestigious awards, lectured at conferences and institutions world wide and his work has been published and exhibited internationally.

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