Mathias Marquard Nymand

Architect Student (Radical Sustainability)

Mathias is currently completing a bachelor at Aarhus School of Architecture. He has just finished his bachelor project “A Second Home – A Trauma Sensitive School for Children who Need a Hug”. In this project, Mathias explored the potential of architectural design as an element in creating a safe school environment, by exploring how space can help children respond to their physical and emotional needs in a public learning environment.

Mathias has also been a part of establishing a new art association at the Aarhus School of Architecture named KONTUR. The idea for the association emerged as a response to the high level of stress at the school. KONTUR wanted to create an association that could act as a breathing space focusing on the student’s artistic interests – apart from the ones related to architecture and the school. This has created an association that nourishes artistic curiosity and lets the students share interests and skills with each other. The people behind KONTUR believe that this helps the students to unfold in a better understanding of their own artistic self-image, which is important as it contributes to their unique and individual processes in creative work.

Mathias wants to open the conversation about the future role of the architect. Architecture students of the 21st century belong to a generation that faces an entirely new set of challenges. With these contemporary problems of climate crisis and a rising inequality, follows an obligation to strive for a better world. Mathias will participate in the discussion of this topic by collecting examples to be showcased at the congress and he’s looking forward to get inspired from the many ways of pursuing an architectural career within the frames of sustainability.

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