Mathis Rager

Architect, General foreman, Hempcrete expert, Teacher, Writer

Mathis Rager is the co-founder of the collective Anatomies d’Architecture (Ad’a) based in Paris & Marseille, France. His practice focuses on exploring the ecological habitat and low-tech building solutions through three activities. 1. Construction & Design, for a bioclimatic architecture, 100% local, natural and reversible. 2. Field research, all around France to meet and interview actors who are reinventing ecological architecture. 3. Pedagogy & transmission of new knowledge in terms of eco-construction to the general public and to professionals.

Anatomies d’Architecture’s collaborative work started in 2018 with a research project : “Le Tour de France des maisons écologiques”. A unique survey about 30 different innovative building techniques all around France : straw-bales, hempcrete, sheep wool, logs, raw timber, remployed containers… This work led to a traveling exhibition and book publication in 2020 that met with great success toward the general public.

Starting from 2020, Ad’A carried out a new project that enabled them to put their knowledge about natural materials into practice : Le Costil. This project consisted in the renovation of an traditional brick house (or “longère”) with unprecedented ambitions : 0% concrete, 0% plastic, and 100% natural materials from within a radius of less than 100 km. A new exhibition and publication about the project are to be expected in 2023.

Ad’A now carries out projects all over France with similar philosophy and ambitions along with their architectural practice : local materials, field research, volunteer workcamps, publications, exhibitions

Mathis talks about #ada_2018_fr #local #ecological #renovation #bioclimatism #detailsmatter #materialsmatter #noBim #artofbuilding #scaleonetoone

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